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Leah Maddox

Below Knee Amputee Since 2013

I am a below-knee amputee since 2013 and live a fully active life. I work full-time in the medical field. I lost my leg due to domestic violence in 2002. I fought to keep my leg for 11 years and finally decided to amputate it. It was one of the best decisions I made. Before that, I was in a walking boot for 3 years and an AFO before that. I gave therapy 100% and was able to return to work in a doctor’s office after 89 days of amputation. And later on, went on to nursing school and back to work at a hospital. I’ve had to learn how to walk 4 times, due to setbacks. I had to learn a whole new lifestyle and was on my own and raising a teenager as a single mom. I”ve never posted a picture of me on any social media with my prosthetic leg, just face shots. I’m not embarrassed of my leg, I just don’t like the attention it brings. I’m determined to live a normal life. But our lives are far from normal. I remember crying over my leg when I first saw my leg after surgery and that was the only time I cried over my loss. I remember feeling sorry for myself one day when I had to go for a fitting. Thinking this is always going to be an issue, the fittings, the final leg is not fitting again, just a never-ending cycle. I was so angry that day until I looked up and saw a lady with 2 missing legs and a missing arm. I never felt sorry for myself again. God showed me there is always someone worse. I’ve spent the last 7 years trying to figure out what my role as an amputee is in God’s plan. It’s real simple. Just be me, stay positive and never give up. There have been several times when someone has felt sorry for themselves and I was the one who had it worse than them. But with a positive attitude, you can change someone’s negativity and not even know it.