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Belma Islamovic

Belma IslamovicForgiving the Unforgivable

My name is Belma. I originally come from Bosnia and Herzegovina. In 1993 I lost both of my arms from actions by the Croat (Catholic) people. I was 19 years old when that happened to me.

Before I lost both of my arms, I was dreaming of becoming a fashion designer. But war came to my country and my dream was stopped. After I lost my arms I thought my life was finished. Year by year I was searching for how to change my life. I started to practice my religion. I am a Muslim, so I read many things from my Prophet Muhammad, how he was good and forgave many people no matter what they did to him. So I say to myself “Dear Allah, I did everything but one. I never forgave the person for what he did to me.” I remember when I found that I lost my arms I was crying and saying bad words about Croat (Catholic). So I say “Dear Allah, I will forgive what he did to me. I don’t judge him, you do that. But I will never forget what he did to me.”

From that moment I felt myself change. I felt like a bird flying out of the cage to freedom. I tell my family about that and they tell me it is your decision but don’t ask us to do the same. I told them as long as you support me, I will support your decision. So I start sharing my story in several places. After that, a producer found me and asked to meet me and hear my story. We met each other and I told him my story. Now he is doing a documentary about me!

I was speaking and some of the group were thinking of suicide. So after my speech, three people came to me hug me and tell me “Thank you for being here, we will never think about suicide.” From that moment I feel I want to become a motivational speaker.

But I need help.

I need how to start and where? This is my big dream, to become a motivational speaker and talk to people and help them.

I believe that no matter what happens to you in life. accepting it is not easy but is worth a lot. Just don’t stop doing what are you doing! Even if you did not make the first time, keep working at it. My story is long, I could keep writing but I need to share it somewhere in front of people. My dream is to one day write a book. I will keep searching for help and follow my dreams and wishes. Last year I even met the man of my dreams and got engaged! I keep telling myself I will follow my dream as long as I am alive. Keep dreaming and do whatever makes you happy. May God bless us all! Amen.