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Teachers Adopt Student With Limb Loss

Feb 1, 2023 |

Jenna and Tim Riccio pictured with Nate and Julien.

When Connecticut teachers Jenna and Tim Riccio married in 2021, one of their students served as ringbearer. That student has brought much more to their lives than shiny jewelry. 

Nate, who underwent amputations on both legs below the knee, his left arm, and three fingers on his right hand in 2019, is now their son. 

Wendy Grossman Kantor and KC Baker wrote about Nate Riccio, 10, and his family for People magazine in a story published online Jan. 28. 

“They take care of me in every way, the best way possible, the way that my parents weren’t able to,” Nate said. 

Jenna got the idea to become Nate’s foster parent when she visited him in the hospital in September 2019 after he had emergency surgery on his arm. The amputations were a result of complications of sickle cell anemia. 

She learned that he was scheduled to be placed in foster care because doctors were worried his family couldn’t make sure he received follow-up care and got to his appointments. She inquired about the possibility with the state Department of Children and Families. 

They officially adopted him in 2022, and he has a baby sister, Julien. 

“He’s a perfect example of how you can persevere,” Tim Riccio said.