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Mike Pumphrey

Double Amputee

I had a bk left leg amputated in 2017 due to diabetes and had a bk right leg amputated in 2022. I am now a double amputee. I struggled through the first amputation, but having the right leg as an anchor really helped. Now that the second one has been done, it’s a struggle every day. I do have two prosthetic legs I just recently have been working with. It is still a struggle, but it is better than none. I’m 62 years old on disability and want to thank the Amputee Coalition for the amputee package they sent me and inMotion Magazine, which I get every month. I receive disability but wish the government would get more involved in the limb loss program to help with other issues like more funding for the Amputee Coalition, which does many other things for amputees. I’ve been with them since 2017 and would like to be more involved since I’ve become a double amputee.