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Kathryn Stenger 

I had a knee replacement surgery in 2011 and 2013 they had to put a spacer in in 2019 they had to do a two-step revision but forgot to put me on antibiotics, so they had to do it again the next year. In 2022 I was in the hospital when I had endocarditis and an infection in my back that they had to do surgery on. The infection turned into pneumonia from my knee infection. I was septic from my knee so on February 14 Valentine’s Day they amputated my leg and now I am lost.

They had to go back in a couple of times and clean it up and now it is finally healing. Hopefully, I can get a prosthetic and be able to at least be able to walk again. I went from motorcycle grandma to grandma on the wheelchair or crutches which is bad because I have two torn rotator cuffs in my shoulders. I do not know what to do or where to turn to and it is really depressing. That is my story and 62 and do not know what to do.

katherine stenger