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John Paffett


John Paffett book cover The Ageing AmputeeAfter publishing my autobiography titled ‘They Want To Amputate’ last year I have just had my second book published, titled ‘The Ageing Amputee’.

This book is about all the ageing issues facing amputees as they progress into the senior years of their lives. Within this book are the answers to many questions which pose thoughtful consideration, and give recommendations for the journey ahead, not just for the amputee but importantly for their close family and friends.

Having been an amputee for over half a century I have first-hand experience of the impact of this and the management of ageing. I have found that almost all the available advice is written invariably by medical or professional people, but not by someone who has vast amputee experience. This book bridges the chasm on advice for those facing pre and post-amputation, including those who are facing ageing with their disability and wondering what the future holds for them.

To understand the recent impact of amputation, I contacted Jim Clark through social media, who is from Phoenix, Arizona in the USA. He is an active member of the Amputee Coalition and freely gives advice on the site. Jim had his above-knee amputation over six years ago and has written his own experiences and advice after each chapter, which gives an alternative and unique view to my own experience in the UK.

‘The Ageing Amputee’ was published on the 17th of April 2024 and is available on Amazon. I truly felt the need to publish this to help other amputees or those facing amputation and the million and one questions flashing through their minds. In my autobiography, I write about how little support I had at the time of my amputation, and this has resonated with me throughout my life, I do believe this book will help others.