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Harsh Purohit

Even though I had done my cultural folk dance “Garba” for years, which is more complex than running, somehow, I was always fearful of it until I tried with my physical therapist specialized in gait training amputees. I have been RLBK since June 1993 from trauma. I had the best orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Jatin Jhala, who salvaged max possible limb length even with an untreated fracture on my tibia, which was naturally healed with fast generating calcium in a young boy’s body to let me receive the cantilever effect for smooth walking. Dr. Vereendra Shandilya, who came up with an innovative temporary prosthetic sleeve made non-POP cast on 2 aluminum strips on a flat rectangular sole, which really helped me with initial inclined ramp walk and climbing stairs up and down. After adopting silicone sleeves over polyurethane, I specifically felt much progression with respect to comfort of my residual limb in socket. I tried vacuum suspension, but lock and pin are best for me. Thanks to my grandparents, parents, and sister for pushing me to pursue engineering along with a diploma in software where I was able to crack campus placement in production planning of best composite textile mill-yarn to garment. My spouse poured trust in my abilities, and we converted our love into a beautiful family with two boys. I am now a proud citizen of the United States and currently work as a Business Systems Specialist.