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Arpita Roy

Arpita-RoyFrom every trail in life there is a wound, from every wound there is a scar, and every scar there is a story. A story that says ” I survived ” 

I lost both my legs above the knee in an accident. After my limb loss journey it was tough but I chose to overcome it with bodyweight training, then I slowly started Yoga. Yoga works from inside rather than outside, so it immensely helps me to move forward. Now, certified as an international Yoga teacher, I am pursuing advance level courses in Yoga. I am also training in accessible Yoga; I train able bodied individuals and people living with limb loss/ limb difference.  

I was recently selected to be among 50 Yoga teachers around the world participating in a program organized by Yoga Alliance. So, I choose to turn my weakness into strength and move forward.