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Mack Ward

Ewing’s Sarcoma Amputation at Age 6

Mack was 5 when he was diagnosed with Ewing’s sarcoma. He had 14 rounds of chemo, a blood clot in his arm from the first picc line, a condition called DRESS syndrome (can’t have many antibiotics) many blood transfusions, many hospital stays,16 long months away from home, and last but not least an above knee amputation at 6 years old. He is the most amazing kid I know. Yes, I am his mom, and most moms say that but it’s true. He had his amputation August 6 2015. He walked unassisted one month after amputation. He broke his stump 2 months after amputation and has had 8 prosthetic legs because he is so hard on them. He either outgrows them or breaks them. He wrote his own battle, he won the battle of cancer, and is winning the amputation battle. Today he is 8 years old. He is 20 months cancer free and 20 months ago he had his life-saving surgery to amputate his leg. He choose this path. He knew his leg was sick. We, as his parents, are so proud of him. He plays football, basketball, soccer, baseball and does gymnastics from time to time. He puts his whole heart on his sleeve and is such an inspiring young man. I know he is going to be doing great things in life. But this is Mack’s story. And he has a lifetime to write more of his story to share with the world.