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Bilateral Amputee Overcomes the Odds and Inspires Her Community

Mar 23, 2023 |

After surviving a horrific car accident, Beth Wyatt’s positive outlook has significantly impacted her recovery despite extensive injuries. On July 5, 2022, Beth was involved in a multivehicle accident in Arkadelphia, Arkansas. Her miraculous story of survival was covered by ABC 7. 

During the accident in which her car fell into a ditch and caught fire, Beth’s legs were crushed. She became an above-knee bilateral amputee. She also lost vision in her left eye, suffered second- and third-degree burns, broke her back and sustained multiple other injuries. “I made the choice to survive. So, that’s what I had to do,” she said. During all of this, Beth’s faith has been a source of strength. 

“One day I woke up and said, ‘God, you’ve got to help me with this. This is hard,’” she shared about learning how to walk on stubbies, her short prosthetic legs. “It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done, and I literally felt His hands under me that day when I was walking.” 

Even Beth’s physical therapist is surprised at how quickly she is progressing. Through this life-altering experience, Beth has recognized the “God moments,” such as her Bible in the car that survived the flames and walking into her church by herself.  

She has even been approached by people she doesn’t know in public who have heard her inspirational story.  

Beth is more than hopeful to eventually do the things she did before and spend time with her grandchildren. “I am so excited with the future … so excited,” she shared with optimism.