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Amputee Seeks To Reward His Young Neighbor for Good Deed

Mar 10, 2023 |

While shoveling ice and snow is a regular inconvenience for those living up north, it can be especially challenging for anyone living with limb loss or limb difference. Amputee David Call Jr. deals with mobility issues, but he regularly has to leave the house to drive to his dialysis appointments. Fox 2 Detroit recently shared the story of how this Michigan resident was impacted by his young neighbor’s good deed. 

When the man who typically shovels his stairs went out of town, David went on his neighborhood app to find someone else. This was when 12-year-old Anthony stepped in to help a neighbor in need. Carefully removing the snow from each step as seen in David’s doorbell video, Anthony came not once but twice and refused to accept any money. The boy said he was just happy that David would be able to reach his car. 

Wanting to thank Anthony and reward him for his kindness, David set up a GoFundMe page where people can donate toward a gift such as a PlayStation 5 or a vacation for the family. The fundraiser has already exceeded its $1,000 goal. 

David is incredibly thankful for this small act of kindness and believes Anthony will inspire others to be kind. “This kid is a ray of sunshine, and it may encourage kids to do more,” David shared. “He’ll remember this forever.”