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Todd Hammond

Todd HammondNo Looking Back

I became a quadruple amputee in 2014, at the age of 42, from bacterial meningitis. Over 80% of my skin blistered from sepsis and I had four amputations. I have two teenage children and could no longer support them or myself even though I had been a barber for 22 years. But I’m not looking back. After six months in the hospital and rehabilitation, I moved into my own apartment. With God’s blessing and the help and support from many professionals, friends and people I don’t even know, I am walking again. I have bought a house, I’m in the gym exercising and playing wheelchair rugby, volunteering as a peer counselor, and just this week began driving my car again. I am working with rehabilitation services to find a career where I can give back and help others. God has blessed me with this second chance, and I plan on never looking back, but only toward the future.