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Welcome Message From President and CEO Cass Isidro

Feb 6, 2023 |

Cassandra “Cass” Isidro

From advocacy success in New Mexico that sets the stage for what’s possible across the country, to Keshia and Laura and Ceres—all recent stories shared on our social channels—at the Amputee Coalition we are moving full steam ahead to elevate the work we do together and to support our community that needs each other, has a voice that demands to be heard, and is ready for change.

As the Amputee Coalition’s new president and CEO, I want to honor and first recognize our board chair, John Register, who stepped out of his governance role and joined as acting president and CEO in June. John’s abundance mindset and his ability to envision beyond what most think is possible have righted this organization, setting us up for great success.

This success will not be without hard work, but we are now on the path! I look forward to working with John and the entire board of directors as we envision a world where our community thrives and ensure sustainability in our organization and the growth needed to truly serve everyone.

And John has not been alone in working so hard over this time to move the ball forward. While I am the newest team member, I can see that we have a strong roster getting deeper every day. Our Amputee Coalition leadership team, alongside our full staff, has together continued aligning and solidifying trust with our partner and Administration for Community Living grantor to continue our core work nationally.

We saw the resurgence of our in-person National Conference and Youth Camp and now have activated a full Youth Engagement Program–YEP!–to provide vital resources year round to youth experiencing limb loss and limb difference. Our team is advocating on Capitol Hill and in front of policymakers throughout the country; we have created a platform where the community can meet with more intentionality called AC Connect.

We have bridged and partnered with national healthcare equity leaders and hospital networks across the country that are crucial to access to care, resources, and technology to be up to speed with how our community can seek vital resources. We will be releasing a new prevalence study, and we are fully staffed. These are just a few of the critical accomplishments we will continue moving forward as a team and together with you.

After more than 25 years serving in the nonprofit space for powerful missions from disaster response with the American Red Cross, to supporting our military and their families at the USO, to healthcare reform and support for our kids and schools, I know strong, sustainable organizations must have people, partnerships, and passion as their guiding pillars. They also require sound business practice to be sure we are always on solid ground. Over the next few months, please reach out to share your feedback on how we serve, what could improve, what we are doing well, and whom we should partner with.

One of our key tenets is no amputee alone. The Amputee Coalition is wanted, needed, and valued.

As one of my first Amputee Coalition community events, I welcome you and look forward to seeing you in DC for the Advocacy Forum that will be held in person, April 16-19, as our team comes alongside to make sure members of Congress know our community.

I truly look forward to connecting and getting to know you.