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Health and Wellness: Tips for Self-Care

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, however these tips are valuable year-round as prioritizing mental health is crucial for everyone, all the time. These tips are broad suggestions of ways to maintain and improve one’s mental health.

Connect with Others: support groups build friendships and make it possible to share experiences or discuss concerns in a safe environment

Learn Relaxation Techniques: mobile applications and online sites assist with meditation, deep breathing, and progressive muscle relaxation exercises which can help to reduce stress and anxiety


Practice Self-Care: addressing small self-care items daily contributes to overall well-being by building routine and healthy habits


Caregiving for a friend or family member who has a disability involves empathy, understanding, and practicality. These are some ways in providing meaningful support:


Respect Independence: respect autonomy, ask before helping, and allow everyone to make decisions about their own life while offering assistance


Listen Actively: empathize and validate the lived experiences through free expression of feelings, frustrations, and triumphs