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Young Boy Shines Through His Adversity

Feb 22, 2024 |

In just 6 years of life, Shine Arslanian has had to face more obstacles than most, but just as his name implies, he is a bright light to those around him. Ashley Sharp reported on his remarkable story for CBS News Sacramento.  

When Shine had to be immediately rushed into emergency surgery the day he was born, it was the beginning of his fight to beat the odds. He was diagnosed with both Popliteal Pterygium Syndrome and Bartsocas-Papas, two rare genetic conditions. Among other abnormalities, Shine had only one finger on each hand and webbed legs, which were ultimately amputated so he could walk. 17 surgeries later Shine has truly shown his resilience despite facing many physical challenges. “I am inspired by Shine on a daily basis,” his mother, Jamie Duby said. He continues to blow my mind.”  

Ever since he received his first prosthetic legs Shine hasn’t stopped running. He races home from school and one day hopes to compete in triathlons in the Paralympics. With the help of the Challenged Athletes Foundation Shine has even gotten into other sports including swimming, surfing, and hand cycling. 

It was an especially proud moment for Jamie when Shine asked to speak in front of his class, allowing kids to ask him questions, and passing his prosthetics around. “He is 6 years old and already advocating for himself,’ she said. “That is really powerful because that’s going to be something he has to do the rest of his life.” She encourages other parents to not shush their children who have questions when they see someone with disabilities, but rather suggests they go meet them. 

Greater awareness about others’ differences is often key to making children more comfortable with disabilities and promotes acceptance. Shine is doing his part just by being himself and showing others all he can do.