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Limb Loss and Limb Difference Bears Help Support the Amputee Coalition’s Mission

Jun 20, 2023 |

For a child with a limb loss or limb difference, seeing themselves reflected in a toy is truly special. That’s why Vermont Teddy Bear created a line in partnership with the Amputee Coalition: to put a smile on their face with a bear just as unique as they are!  

Working closely with the Amputee Coalition, Vermont Teddy Bear’s line of Limb Loss & Limb Difference Bears were designed by Cassandra Clayton and gave her a new perspective on the impact a toy can make. “It really opened my eyes to the fact that you can do so much good with a toy, with a stuffed animal,” she said in an article for the Burlington Free Press, written by April Fisher. 

Each bear is fully customizable for upper or lower limb loss to match the teddy bear’s new owner and 20% of each purchase is donated directly to the Amputee Coalition. If you haven’t seen or purchased a bear yet, you can view them and place your order on the website. All bears are handmade in Vermont and come with a lifetime guarantee. 

If you have or know a special child in your life, consider surprising them with their own bear!