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Internet Erupts Over Para Cyclist’s Trophy Gift

Aug 21, 2023 |

Recently winning the C1 category at the 2023 UCI World Championships in Glasgow, Scotland, Para cyclist Ricardo Ten Argiles’ victory isn’t what caused a stir, but rather two Tissot watches he received. Ricardo has been an amputee most of his life after being electrocuted when he was 8 years old. The tragic incident resulted in the amputation of both arms around the elbow and his left leg. Even with a disability, the Spanish athlete is currently a three-time world champion Para cyclist and Paralympic gold medalist in swimming. 

After a video of Ricardo receiving the award from an official went viral, the phrase “worst trophy gift ever” has been circling the internet. However, Ricardo didn’t share the response and expressed his gratitude. “Thank you Tissot for believing in this super world of inclusion,” he captioned on his video response.  

He commented that he was surprised the moment was more viral than the results achieved. Although many felt the gift was insensitive, Ricardo said that “it was not a humiliation for him at all.” “I thank Tissot for not differentiating between cycling and Paralympic cycling,” he said.  

Insider reached out to the Amputee Coalition for comment. “We say congratulations to Ricardo Ten Argiles for his incredible athletic achievements and his impact on inclusion in the sport of cycling,” said Cass Isidro, President and CEO. “The competition gift raised a conversation throughout the Nation from different perspectives. This is a teachable moment for us all to create and continue dialogue together with an inclusive mindset that we acknowledge not only does diversity matter, but all of our stories matter, and we wish Ricardo Ten all the best at the European Championships and the 2024 Paralympics in Paris.” 

In another video, Ricardo wears a watch on his arm, and when asked what time it is, he responds, “It’s world champion time!” Throughout the chaos, he has continued to respond with nothing but positivity. “I am very happy to have won two Tissots, one for each arm, but above all for what it means for Paralympic cycling, total inclusion of the sport at the highest level,” he tweeted.