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Intergrum OPRA(TM) Implant System gets Patent Approval

Oct 12, 2022 |

This article is adapted in part with permission from Integrum.

Integrum, the proprietor of the revolutionary OPRA Implant System, has been granted patent approval from the US Patent and Trade Organization.

OPRA™ Implant System

Photo Credit – Integrum

OPRA™ Implant System

Photo Credit – Integrum

The OPRA™ Implant System is an innovative bone-anchored prostheses system based on osseointegration, where the prostheses are directly attached to the bone, therefore avoiding the use of a socket. The system allows an individual’s prosthesis to become a true extension of the body and mind, controlled by the user. The OPRA™ system is available for both the upper and lower limbs. It has allowed amputees worldwide to regain normal mobility and quality of life.

The current patent includes claims covering the system as a whole, including the anchoring solution for attaching a prosthesis into the human body as well as the abutment and the abutment screw. The patent also covers design features for connection between the abutment and the fixture. It allows a pathway to communicate physical and biophysical signals between the inside and outside of the human body. The patent grants Integrum exclusivity to the OPRA Implant System from October 11, 2022, until 2044.

“We are encouraged by this further recognition of Integrum as an innovative leader developing state-of-the-art products within osseointegration. We are currently working ambitiously to implement OPRATM Implant System as the new standard of care in amputation treatment, and the new patent offers broad protection for a long time ahead”, comments Rickard Brånemark, CEO of Integrum.

The Amputee Coalition offers a fact sheet, Osseointegration: An Overview, that outlines further details about the osseointegration method.

To learn more about The OPRA™ Implant System, visit the Integrum website.