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High School Student Designs Prosthetic Glove for Teammate

Aug 16, 2023 |

At 16-years-old, Logan Murrish is already putting his ideas and knowledge to use to improve the lives of others. It all started when Logan met Gavin Jones at a baseball tournament they both attended in Florida.  

Gavin, who is also 16, was born with a congenital hand disorder. “Sometimes coaches look past me and think that I can’t do what other kids can, but I’ve shown on the field and off that I can do anything anybody else can,” Gavin said in the video segment from 5 On Your Side. When the teens were placed on the same team, Logan noticed that he was struggling with the bat and an idea began to form for a prosthetic batting glove. Logan is a member of Duchesne High School’s STEM Scholars Academy and combining his love for baseball and mathematics, he decided to create a glove to give Gavin a better grip. Using the device to stabilize the top of the bat, Gavin can have a more controlled swing. 

“Logan’s such a great kid. I’m so glad I met him in Florida because he’s really changed my life,” Gavin said. With feedback from Gavin, Logan is currently working on making improvements in version 2.0. With ingenuity and a caring heart, Logan’s act of kindness is a true display of sportsmanship. “I saw someone who just wasn’t having a great experience and I just wanted to see how I can make it better in the long run,” Logan stated.