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Gerber Baby Increases Awareness of People With Limb Differences

Apr 7, 2023 |

When Isa Slish was named 2022 Gerber baby, she made history as the first baby with a limb difference to be chosen for the iconic role. Now at 19 months old, she is learning to walk with the help of a new prosthetic leg. Elise Solé recently covered Isa’s story for TODAY at the start of Limb Loss and Limb Difference Awareness Month. 

Isa was born without her right femur and fibula, but that hasn’t stopped her from doing most of the things other children her age can. Her parents understand that people may have questions when they see Isa, so they use it as an opportunity to grow awareness about limb differences. “For both kids and adults, we want to foster curiosity and never take offense but really provide education in the moment using correct terminology,” said Isa’s mom, Meredith Slish. “We use it as an opportunity to ask if people have more questions.” 

Last April, her parents applied to Gerber’s Photo Search Contest for a chance that Isa would become Gerber’s “spokesbaby” and “chief growing officer.” “We hoped someone would see Isa’s spirit and her beautiful smile and eyes,” Meredith said. “Isa’s limb difference is just one part of her.” Although she is little, she is already doing big things and making a national impact for the limb loss and limb difference community.