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Father with Quadruple Amputation Encourages Others to Be Resilient

Mar 18, 2024 |

African American male with limb loss sits in a wheelchair at the kitchen table eating.

Todd Hammond had a thriving career as a barber, but when he was 42 a sudden illness changed his life. He contracted bacterial meningitis and sepsis and as a result his legs and hands had to be amputated. Rodney Dunigan reported on Todd’s story for the Positively Columbus video segment for ABC 6. 

With two children and faith in God, Todd knew that despite the new challenges his life presented, he would have to make the best of it and keep moving forward with support. “My life doesn’t stop. This is not going to beat me. I’ve always had that attitude,” he shared. 10 years later Todd is still going strong, determined to enjoy life to the best of his ability. He coaches little league football, works out at the gym, and even drives. “I feel like everyone deserves to have a good quality of life no matter what your situation is,” he said. 

The ability to be self-sufficient is extremely important to him and during his physical therapy he found an opportunity to create something that would assist in this. Todd teamed up with a local engineering student to develop a simple adaptive device so he could use different utensils. It wraps around his residual limb and can be printed using a 3D printer. He is in the process of working on getting the device patented with the hopes of helping others who have restricted or limited mobility feed themselves. With the help of his family and rehabilitation team, Todd has kept a positive perspective and found adaptive options along the way. “No matter what happens you have to keep going and pushing,” he said.