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Double Amputee Overcomes Obstacles to Return to Work

Feb 1, 2024 |

After a combination of pneumonia and COVID nearly cost him his life, Howard Young emerged on the other side as a bilateral lower limb amputee. However, his determination and effort allowed the husband and father to return to work less than a year later. Howard’s story was covered in a segment on Fox 13 News.  

Howard was working as part of the ‘dream team’ at the City of Sarasota’s Solid Waste Division prior to his amputations. In 2020 he became ill and went into a coma for 2.5 months. As a Type 2 diabetic he experienced blood clots in his legs during this time and woke up to find both legs amputated below the knee. 

Working with Hanger Clinic to gain his mobility back, Howard was able to get out of his wheelchair and into prosthetic legs. “As long as you’ve got the fight to do anything that you’re willing to do, keep fighting,” he said. Now that he’s back to work his next goal is to eventually drive the garbage truck again.  

His mental and physical strength are evident as he shows up every day, climbing in and out of the truck, and inspiring his coworkers through his recovery. “Never give up on yourself and your surrounding community because there’s always someone out there that’s going to fight for you. You just have to fight for yourself first,” he shared.