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Amputee Coalition Certified Peer Visitor and Author Elevates Disabilities

Jul 24, 2023 |

The fact that Katie Wells Price was born with one arm has propelled her on the path to making a difference in the lives of others with limb differences. She was recently featured on WSMV-NAS (NBC) Today in Nashville. 

Katie has faced and conquered many obstacles beginning in childhood when a swimming instructor told her mother she would never be able to swim. However, her mother searched and found an instructor to teach her and that led Katie to winning a silver medal in the 200m breaststroke at the 2004 Paralympic swimming trials. She later went on to work for the White House under the Bush administration and currently volunteers as a Certified Peer Visitor (CPV) with the Amputee Coalition.  

Drawing from her own life experiences, Katie has written two children’s books to empower kids to go for their dreams. Her first book is entitled I Can Still Do Everything With One Arm and the most recent, I Can Still Work at the White House with One Arm, focuses on her career in Washington, D.C. 

“I think with having a disability, especially with children, it’s so key to boost the self-confidence of those with disabilities,” Katie said. 

Both books are available on Amazon.