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Missouri TV Show Highlights LLLDAM

Apr 12, 2022 |

Mark Rains TV feature on LLLDAM
In honor of Limb Loss and Limb Difference Awareness Month, Mark Rains and Eddie Baker of the Four States Amputee Network was featured on their local KSN-TV broadcast in Joplin, Missouri. Mark and Eddie, who live with limb loss, were guests speakers on the Living Well segment hosted by Shelby Neely. During the interview, they shared the work they do to support people living with limb loss in their local area.

“We have support group meetings every third Monday of the month to let them know we are here for them for support,” said Eddie.

In response to Shelby’s highlight on the grieving process that people living with limb loss experience, Mark commented, “You are losing part of yourself. …We help people with what is ahead of them.”

“You have brought such a feeling of comfort to people to find out that there are many more out there who have gone through this and they are not alone,” said Shelby.

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This article is featured in Amputee Coalition’s #WeTHRIVE story campaign to help raise awareness of the resilience, strength, and courage that people living with limb loss and limb difference have to transform their ordinary into extraordinary.