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Well-Being Program: Improving Emotional Well-Being for Persons with Limb Loss

Jun 21, 2022 |

Many people with limb loss experience emotional distress during their recovery and rehabilitation. Higher levels of emotional distress have been shown to negatively impact rehabilitation outcomes and quality of life. Further, data indicate that many people with limb loss who report significant depressive symptomology reported needing mental health services but not receiving them.

In partnership with researchers at John Hopkins University School of Medicine, the Amputee Coalition has developed an innovative program to train prosthetists to assess and address their patient’s emotional well-being. Prosthetists have an ongoing relationship with their patients that uniquely position them to assess and address the emotional well-being of their patients over time. However, until now many prosthetists have not had the training or tools to help them meet this critical need. The Well-Being Program was developed to meet this need.

Learn more about this program and read the feasibility study results on the first phase of the Program.

2021 Improving Well Being Program Training Video – YouTube