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See the Amazing “60 Minutes” Story on Advancements in Prosthetics 

Mar 29, 2023 |

Brandon Prestwood explores the feeling of touch with a prosthetic hand. Photo Credit -60 MINUTES

When Brandon Prestwood lost his left hand in an industrial accident in 2012, he told Scott Pelley of “60 Minutes,” he was not sure if he wanted to live any longer. 

After his co-workers saved his life, Prestwood wore a hook on his hand for four years. Then he volunteered to take part in experimental research being done by the Department of Veterans Affairs. 

“Six years later,” Pelley said on Sunday night’s broadcast, “thanks to Defense Department and VA projects, Prestwood controls this hand with nothing but his thoughts.” 

The story detailed amazing advancements in research to benefit people with limb loss or limb difference and others who have paralysis or other injuries. 

“The robotics you’re about to see is amazing,” Pelley said in introducing the story. “But even more remarkable is how the ‘feeling of feeling’ is returning to people like Brandon Prestwood.”