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South College is seeking volunteers who walk or are learning to walk with a prosthetic limb

Jun 3, 2022 |

Purpose: Students enrolled in a Doctor of Physical Therapy Program at South College in Knoxville, TN are learning how to analyze mobility and walking with a lower limb prosthetic device. At this point in their education it is helpful to interact with volunteers to practice skills in a structured laboratory setting before the DPT students
begin clinical rotations.

Date: Wednesday June 15, 2022
Time: 1 PM – 5 PM

What to Expect:

• The time and number of students you will interact with will depend upon the number of participants. You will not be standing or walking this entire time and you may rest as needed.

• The students will ask for a brief overview of your medical history.

• You will be asked if you are willing to demonstrate how you put on your prosthesis and if they may inspect your residual limb.

• You will be asked to identify a current problem you may notice related to balance, standing up, walking, or a higher level mobility goal of your choice.

• Students will perform a shortened Physical Therapy Examination focused the problem you identify, limb alignment, posture, standing balance, and walking pattern.

• Students will develop a physical therapy activity and instructions related to your physical therapy goal. You are welcome to give them feedback on their skills.

• South College Faculty from the DPT Program will be present to ensure your safety and to support the students in clinical decision making.

• You will receive $50 gift card as compensation for your time.

Parking: Free Parking is available. We can meet you in the parking area and escort you to class.

Contact: Nicole Miranda, PT, DPT, Assistant Professor, South College. Please email directly if you are interested: