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New Survey on the Needs, Preferences and Functional Abilities of Veterans and Service Members with Upper Limb Amputation

Jun 8, 2022 |

prosthetic 1Do you use an upper limb prosthesis? How well does it work? What are you able to do when using your prosthesis? Is one type of prosthesis or terminal device better than another? Researchers at the Providence VA Medical Center need your help for a study!

What is the study all about? Researchers want to gain an understanding of how well upper limb prosthesis users can do everyday activities and compare the abilities of people who use different types of prosthetic systems.

Why is this study important? This study will give invaluable insight on how different types of prostheses and terminal devices compare to each other. The study aims to provide evidence to help consumers and clinicians make informed choices about upper limb prosthetic devices. It will also provide data that can be used to evaluate the benefits of new technologies. The results will be useful to the amputee community, and to third party payers who seek evidence about the benefits of newer and more expensive technologies.

prosthetic 2What is required to participate? If you meet study eligibility criteria and are interested in being a part of the study, you will travel to one of our 4 study sites to participate. A study therapist will evaluate your limb and your prosthesis, you will be asked to complete surveys and be tested to see how well you are able to do everyday activities using your prosthesis. Participation only involves one visit that will take about 4 hours.  There are up to 200 slot for participants.

Is there compensation? All participants will receive compensation for their time. If you live more than two hours from the study site, travel compensation can be arranged.

For more information and to determine if you are eligible, please contact the study Senior Research Assistant, John Davey, at 401-273-7100 x16535 or

Help spread the word! Do you know someone else uses an upper limb prostheses? Please ask them to participate too!