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New Exhibition Explores the Evolution of Prosthetic Technology

Jul 3, 2023 |

From 3D-printed prosthetics to microprocessor-controlled knees, today’s prosthetic technology allows for a variety of choices and growing. If you are interested in learning more about the history of prosthetic design, the National WWI Museum and Memorial has recently opened a special exhibition called “Bespoke Bodies: The Design & Craft of Prosthetics.” An article by Erin Blakemore in The Washington Post shared that historical and contemporary artifacts will be on display at the museum in Kansas City, Missouri, until April 7, 2024. 

Visitors will learn how World War I contributed to the boom in innovation in the field of prosthetics and how assistive devices have significantly improved over the decades. According to the museum’s website, the exhibition features stories from professional athletes, veterans, children, and other users who collaborated with prosthetists and designers to create better devices. 

Understand the past and look forward to the future as medicine and technology integrate. 

Learn more about the exhibition and buy tickets here.