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Hanger Clinic’s BAKA Bootcamp Comes to Kansas City

Oct 11, 2023 |

“We turn tragic to magic here,” said Cameron Clapp. He’s talking about Hanger Clinic’s BAKA Bootcamp, an event for people with bilateral above knee limb loss to connect with others and learn valuable skills. BAKA Bootcamp 2023 was held October 5-7 in Kansas City, Missouri, and brought together 35 participants from around the country. Brad Stephens and Matt Kline reported on the event this past weekend for KCTV. 

“What we’re looking to do is make their world larger,” said Hanger Clinic manager Matthew Luetke. “We want everyone to be able to feel like they can go up into their environment.” Activities and topics included mobility training at the National WWI Museum and Memorial, support groups, learning to navigate uneven terrain, strength training, and more. During the mobility clinic, participants climbed to the top of the Liberty Memorial Tower with assistance as peers and Hanger Clinic team members cheered them on.  

“Seeing the human spirit that we’re seeing here every single day and throughout every activity that we’re doing is just amazing,” Luetke continued. “It changes your life.” 

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