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Girl with Limb Difference Lights Up Dairy Queen Commercial

Aug 3, 2023 |

Ruth-Evelyn Pranke, an 11-year-old girl with limb deficiency, is the smiling face of Dairy Queen’s TV Commercial for Miracle Treat Day. Typically eating a Blizzard with your feet is discouraged, but for Ruth-Evelyn (who goes by RE) it’s just another one of her abilities.  

Ruth-Evelyn was born with amelia of the upper limbs, a congenital anomaly characterized by the complete absence of one or more limbs. Defying the odds and inspiring those around her along the way, she can still do so much without arms. Ruth-Evelyn draws with her feet, dances, and even rides a bike with a custom-made device to help her steer. As a Children’s Miracle Network Champion, she had the opportunity to be featured in the promotion of the event. Watch this incredible young girl share her story of triumph with the world!