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Amputee Adds Extra Mile to Her Journey

Feb 2, 2023 |


Deanna Campbell plans to celebrate a milestone of one year with a prosthetic leg by participating in the one-mile fun run at the Run for Angels on Saturday in Newnan, Ga. 

No matter how far she runs, it won’t be nearly as far as she’s come. 

Tamara Newell of the Newnan Times-Herald told Campbell’s story in an article published online Jan. 31. 

Deanna will run with her husband, Warren. They have been on a long journey together. 

Deanna was injured in an accident when she was a teenager, starting a series of operations on her right ankle. Shortly after she got married, she began going to the gym regularly. Eventually, she encountered trouble from running wind sprints. 

This led to more surgeries that culminated in total ankle replacement. When that did not help, she underwent amputation. 

“I believe God goes after the one,” Deanna said. “I am that one. And I do have a race to run. I have a second chance, and I’m very grateful for it. I have to get on with living.”