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Indiana Takes Step Toward Covering More O&P Devices

Mar 1, 2023 |

The Indiana Legislature took a major step toward expanding the state’s Medicaid coverage of prostheses and orthoses this week. 

Dan Carden of reported that the Indiana House of Representatives voted unanimously to pass a bill to direct the state’s Medicaid authority to seek approval to expand coverage of devices from the federal government. 

The Amputee Coalition has worked with the bill’s advocates in Indiana. 

The measure, sponsored by Rep. Hal Slager (R-Schererville) is expected to be particularly beneficial to children. Currently, Indiana Medicaid covers only one pair of orthoses or prostheses per child every five years. Growing children often need more. 

“Low-income families often struggle to pay for costly prosthetics and orthotics for their children,” Slager said, “and Medicaid simply isn’t meeting the need in this area. This legislation could really help improve the quality of life for these kids who are already facing health challenges.” 

The legislation must pass the Indiana Senate before going to Gov. Eric Holcomb to be signed into law.